Who Are We?

Just in case you don't know

Originally started as an Aluminium foundry in the 1950’s by Dan Taylor to make performance parts for cars and called Taylor Castings. Subsequently the name was changed to Auto Alloys and the company expanded into other metals and other cast product markets including in the 1980’s Cable Protectors for the oil industry.

The company also diversified into other areas including Helicopter sales, aircraft refurbishment, Self-Heating Food manufacture and electronics.

Originally all Cable Protectors were manufactured in our own facilities in Europe but more recently we have been producing items in Asia, although UK manufactured items are still available and are marketed under the STYRECAST name.

We now offer a range of both standard and bespoke MLE Protectors, Cross Coupling Cable Protectors, Centralizers and Bullnose Guides

Our aim is to try to make the process of ordering your protectors as easy as possible from initial enquiry through to the final delivery, if we can assist in any way we will try to achieve this, whether it is:

  • Urgent Rush Deliveries
  • Consignment Stocking
  • Group Discounts
  • Set pricing
  • Contract Deliveries

Just ask, we will do whatever necessary to make the supply process as easy as possible.

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