Quality is more than just reams of paperwork, it’s about ensuring that in real world situation the product does the job they were designed for, and that is what we ensure at Styrecast. Prototype and finished protectors go through rigorous test such as those shown above to ensure they meet the standards necessary when in use.

Our standard Protectors are made from high integrity Carbon Steel ASTM 216 WCB but for more rigorous downhole environments we can offer a range of Stainless Steels or Nickel Chromium Steels. Once cast the protector components are heat treated to give a hardness of less than Rockwell HRC 22 which meets the NACE MR -01-75 standard. All the castings that make up the Protectors are treated to thorough quality checks throughout the manufacturing process including:

  • Material composition analysis
  • Tensile tests
  • Elongation tests
  • Yield strength test

Full certification packs are available to show all stages of production.

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